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Orange is The New Black 

/at WE ARE Pi, Amsterdam 

Netflix asked us to come up with Orange is the New Black activations. The 360 campaign ended in an unforgettable celebration with a floating Orange is The New Black prison bus during Amsterdam Pride 2018. 



/me, Isabelle Griffioen

creative director
Peter Hamelinck


Lekker met de meiden

/Broadly 27.07.2018

/M 09.08.2018



For Merol's Lekker met de Meiden, I directed the music video. The cover, logo and merch also came from my drawing table. 


We show intimacy among friends as well as celebrating women being multifaceted.


/Danny Griffioen

bed girls

/Threshold Award nominee

/Joke Smit Award nominee

/Museum Night Award 2017


/Vice Creators



Masturbating is taboo, especially for girls. This, at an age when it is so important for them to discover their body. 
bed girls encourages girls to discover their bodies as m
asturbation is important for a girl's sense of independence in bed  -and in life.  


The installation consists of various products for the transition to puberty as well as a documented conversation between my grandmother, my mother and me about our sex lives.

Women On Wings

/NRC Charity Award (Gold)



A campaign to find new experts who will be volunteering to help social enterprises get organized and employ more women in India.


Women on Wings let me know that they had trouble with experts trying to put their mark on the business they're helping.


concept & design

/me, Isabelle Griffioen

Build Kindness
Not Walls

/New York Times, 15.03.2016

/ADC Global,  16.03.2016



Jessica Walsh + Timothy Goodman asked us to think of the 12th step of their '12 Kinds of Kindness' project as part of their class at SVA. My idea was to build a Trump wall in New York City.


if the significant amount of voters in New York feel the dehumanizing impact of a wall, they will think twice. 


/Isabelle Griffioen


/Walsch + Goodman


/Parool, 20.09.2017

/Telegraaf 19.09.2017

/Trouw 20.09.2017

/Volkskrant 20.09.2017

/NRC 20.09.2017

Eberhard van der Laan, the mayor of Amsterdam, had to step down because of terminal illness in September '17. Within four days after his announcement we hosted an inclusive event with 1,5k visitors. I enjoyed initiating this applauding event 'Eberhart' (Yes, I coined the term) together with my friend, Caesar Bast, to show him one last round of respect by singing one of his favorite songs together in front of his official residence in Amsterdam.

Just walk it.

/Clio Sports Award (Bronze)



Rethinking the best parking spot as the one that is furthest away.



It's hypocritical to identify as sporty yet to try and find the closest parking spot.




creative direction

/me, Isabelle Griffioen


art direction

/Mathilde Adrien

Is your car vacation proof?

/at Yune Amsterdam 



For ANWB, the royal Dutch touring club, I came up with a way to tell car owners that they should make sure their vehicle is ready to go on holiday. 



kids are able to take care of 'things' like they take care of people.




/me, Isabelle Griffioen

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