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mettre des plumes d'un cul

In Dutch we say you are 'sticking feathers up one's butt', when you give someone a compliment. Today I got so many feathers up my butt, I could fly home - which was really convenient since I forgot my public transport card this morning.

you can skip next paragraph if you are one of those people who hate seeing other people being successful, it's okay I understand you either had a rough day, a rough week, rough month, rough year, rough decade, rough century (hi, old techie) or a rough lifetime. 

It started all this afternoon, when someone special said 'Whoa, I love your plan that sounds really sick'.(1!) Then, at school I explained my plans for this quarter and the head of advertising (for whom I was a little afraid first) was able to tell me I present studiously (2!) calm (3!) and that it is pleasant to listen to me (4!). I have an investigating attitude (5!) and am full of ideas (6!) and have the will to continue my projects. So, well, fantastic (7!) With my autonomous approach I reach distinctive solutions (8!) keep it up (9!) keep on focussing on feelings. Ok, then, as I got off the train - no these two I keep to myself. (10, 11)

I came home and my mom was proud of herself to have raised me (ha) and is fond of my new weird idea to photograph everything that I own and put a price tag on it (12!). It all has to do with 'time is money'. Because it really is and time becomes more valuable by the minute - literally. We are about to dive into a new era in which attention is worth a lot of money. I am about to develop a system through which you can make your time more valuable and therefore get rich or waste time trying.

And to everyone who doesn't believe in me (hi, daddy):


sauvegarder a l'ecole

Whoa after four years, I really went back to school... I am thrilled! This really is the right moment for me to start. We got a tour around the building yesterday and there are lots of interesting features to explore my creativity. And I got even more excited after seeing these shoes! Next week is fashion week and my mission while in NYC - besides not holding my phone in front of my face and actually checking out shows, live, because I can -  is putting together cute outfits for school! Ya! I have spent too much time at the office the past year in jeans and.. more jeans.
The difference this time is, after being the bossy princess from class all my life, I will be sweet and memorized for my kindness in 2017. Watch me. Oh, and if I win the lottery, I will definitely buy these. Aren't they the peeeerfect back to school shoes? Preach on, teachers. Uh, Sophia Webster.


des boissons fraîches

A logo for a (very hip and fresh) start up company. Designed by me. Isn't that obvious.